Outreach 4 Apr 2017

Tabitha founder visits CIS Primary

By Thomas Hansen, Community Service Coordinator
Photograph by CIS Communications

On 22 March 2017, CIS welcomed back long-time friend and founder of Tabitha Cambodia, Ms Janne Ritskes. While on a short trip to Singapore, Janne was eager to fit us into her tight schedule to meet with some of our primary students and share her story about the vitally important work her organisation is doing in Cambodia.

For over 10 years now, CIS has built a strong relationship with Tabitha Cambodia. Each year, a group of teachers raise money and build houses for some of the poorest people in Cambodia. Secondary students make an annual trip to build houses too, as part of their excursion week, and CIS families have long standing tradition of house building trips.

Our primary students don’t always learn about the relationship CIS has with Tabitha until they become directly involved themselves. Janne’s recent visit was very timely as Grade 5 students had recently been inquiring into how leaders affect the ways a community functions. Grade 4 students have been learning about rights and responsibilities, and our Grade 3’s sent select representatives from their classes to learn more and report back about Tabitha’s achievements to date and vision for the future.

One very large project that Tabitha has in progress is the construction of a women’s hospital called, Nokor Tep, located just outside of Phnom Penh. With an expected opening date of December 2017, Tabitha is in need of funds to outfit the inside of the hospital. One of their upcoming campaigns titled, Nails for Nokor Tep Challenge, encourages men from around the world to collect sponsorships to have their nails painted. Tabitha’s goal is to get 1 million people worldwide to donate $10 each. To learn more about the Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital and to make a personal donation, you can visit their website.