Learning 15 Jan 2019

SK students’ homeless animal cause

By Juliane Herold, TK SK teacher
Photograph by CIS Communications

In December 2018, TK SK2B and SK3B students came together to help some very special “furry” friends in Singapore. We were determined to make Christmas purrfect for the felines and canines who had spent yet another year in shelters around Singapore. Students were on a mission, and they collected everything you can imagine for dogs and cats. We had dry food, canned food and toys, blankets, leashes, shampoo, brushes and treats. After we had filled two very large boxes, SK students carefully transferred all the items to bags so they were ready for collection. They carried them to the TK foyer and waited for a van to come and collect everything.

The children and I discussed how it is important that we remember that those in need, specifically our furry friends around Singapore, have no voice to speak for themselves. This year our donations went to Causes for Animals Singapore. If you want to know more about how you can help, feel free to email me or ask one of our kindergarten experts. I want to say a huge thank you to our parent community for always supporting us in all that we do.