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Alumna interview: Victoria Grønsedt

At just 21 years old, Victoria G, from the class of 2016, is the CEO of her own home improvement company AND a full-time master’s degree student. How did this come around? How does she achieve to balance work, studies and personal life?

by Victoria Grønsedt, Class of 2016

3 Mar 2020


When opportunity knocks

Opportunities can appear on our doorstep at any time, and if you have an open mind and seize the day, you just might discover something you love. This was certainly the case for Dominique D in grade 9.

by Dominique D, grade 9

28 Nov 2019

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When a child leaves for university: a parent's coping tips

What is it like when a beloved child leaves home to go to university? Jacqueline Weber, former CIS parent, tells us about the inevitable heartbreak and shares coping tips to navigate this trying time.

by Jacqueline Weber, former CIS parent

24 Sep 2019


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We keep coming back to CIS!

An expat life can be very transient, so it’s not unusual for a family to leave and return to CIS after a period of time. Mr Pushpendra S and his family are one such example. But why did they choose to return to CIS not once, not twice but three times in a row? We catch up with this globetrotting family to find out more.

Student voice

A young published CIS author!

You’re never too young to become a published author like TK’s grade 3 student Samaira! To find out more about her amazing journey, Ms Laura Coulter’s class interviewed her during one of their virtual learning sessions and found out a few interesting tidbits.


TK's second sports season's strong finish

While TK’s second sports season of the year ended prematurely thanks to COVID-19, our Huskies still gave it their all. Fabio Dogliotti, TK sports coordinator, tells us more.

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