The power of performance: student musicians return to the CIS stage

Music was an important part of our recent grade 12 awards ceremony, both for attendees and the grade 11 musicians who performed. We talk to the band for the behind-the-scenes story.

by CIS Communications

28 Apr 2021

Community & Service

The Good Schools Guide: 4 factors that helps CIS stand out

The Good Schools Guide is an independent publication who list schools by invitation only. What made CIS attractive? Pete Corcoran, Head of School, shared more about who we are and what we believe in with them.

by CIS Communications

26 Apr 2021


Swimming through challenges: Emma's story

Grade 11’s Emma V didn’t start out wanting to be a competitive swimmer. What changed her mind? She shares her story with us.

by CIS Communications

29 Apr 2021



The art of poster design: a student's take

What goes into the creation of a movie poster? These grade 10 design students tell us how they created the promotional art for the CIS Film Festival student films.

Student voice

5 essential leadership traits

What are some important traits that one should have as a student leader? Our TK student council members share their top tips.


Mother tongue languages at CIS: one community, many voices

Lakeside primary vice principal Tonia Whyte Potter-Mal is on a mission to bring the CIS community closer together through mother tongue languages. How does she do it? This is her Mosaic story.

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