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Alumna interview: Victoria Grønsedt

At just 21 years old, Victoria G, from the class of 2016, is the CEO of her own home improvement company AND a full-time master’s degree student. How did this come around? How does she achieve to balance work, studies and personal life?

by Victoria Grønsedt, Class of 2016

3 Mar 2020


When opportunity knocks

Opportunities can appear on our doorstep at any time, and if you have an open mind and seize the day, you just might discover something you love. This was certainly the case for Dominique D in grade 9.

by Dominique D, grade 9

28 Nov 2019

Community & Service

When a child leaves for university: a parent's coping tips

What is it like when a beloved child leaves home to go to university? Jacqueline Weber, former CIS parent, tells us about the inevitable heartbreak and shares coping tips to navigate this trying time.

by Jacqueline Weber, former CIS parent

24 Sep 2019


Community & Service

From "C" to "A": Aman M (Class of 2018)'s success story

How do you reinvent yourself from a “C” student to a DP 44 student in just one summer vacation? Aman M (Class of 2018) shares his inspiring story with us and why he chose to publish his experiences in a book.

Student voice

Eloise has the "write" stuff

Eloise F (grade 2) is now a published author! Although she is only 7 years old, this TK student follows in the footsteps of teachers and fellow students who have made their mark in the literacy world. What inspired this young risk-taker to write and illustrate her own book? We chat with Eloise and her mother Joyce to find out more about the write stuff.


Developing life skills through CAS

Creativity, activity, service (CAS) is one of the three core elements that IB students must complete as part of their Diploma Programme (DP). CAS provides students with the opportunity to: reflect on what they’ve learned, develop strategies for personal growth, and embrace new challenges and contribute to local and global communities. We look back on some of the interesting initiatives by our students in 19-20.

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