Student voice 14 Jul 2020

Eloise has the "write" stuff

By CIS Communications
Photograph by Joyce C

Eloise F (grade 2) is now a published author! Although she is only 7 years old, this TK student follows in the footsteps of TK teachers and fellow students who made their mark in the literacy world. What inspired the young risk-taker to write and illustrate her own book? We chat with Eloise to find out more.

How do you feel about being a published author?
I feel very proud and on top of the world! I never imagined I would be a published author at the age of 7.

Tell us about your book. How did it all start?
I love reading all kinds of books, both fiction and nonfiction. Some of my favorite authors are Enid Blyton, Aaron Blabey, Daisy Meadows and Meika Hashimoto. I’m inspired by these authors and I’ve always dreamed of writing and illustrating my own books. The idea came to me while I was doing my literacy assignment during virtual learning; that was how I wrote my first story!

What inspired you to write a story about two different animals and why is it a Halloween adventure?
The two main characters in the book are actually my favourite animals – a dinosaur (a t-rex specifically) and a dog (which I hope to get soon). I absolutely love dinosaurs and I think they are really fantastic just like how dogs are so friendly and cute. As part of my literacy homework, I had to write a spooky story (roll-a-story) and nothing is spookier than Halloween.

Did anyone at CIS or in your family help you during the process and how?
Yes, my mum helped me during the publishing process and converted my drawings into a digital format. My teacher Mr Adrian Cahill taught us many topics like descriptive writing, persuasive writing, how to write a blurb and even how to edit our own work. I previously did a short comic strip based on Aaron Blabey’s Bad Guys, and Mr Adrian and my friends really enjoyed it.

What was the most challenging part about writing and illustrating your own story?
Writing the story was easy. It was the illustrations that were challenging since it was a bit difficult to draw Doug the t-rex. I also wanted to make sure I got the right colours for each character in the story.

Publishing a book at your age is quite an achievement. What advice do you have for someone who wants to do the same?
If you have a dream of writing a book, use those ideas that pop into your head randomly and keep writing them down – on sticky notes, in a notebook at any time, anywhere. Build your characters well so that your readers are able to understand and connect with your story.

Where can we buy your book and can we expect more from you in the future?
The book is available worldwide on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can also get a signed copy from me at $20 each. Just message me at my instagram handle @the_Eloise.f. 🙂

I am planning to write about more adventures of Doug and Sparky, and maybe a non-fiction book about the hazards of plastic on marine life.

Well done, Eloise. It’s wonderful to know that you’ve finally realised your dream! Joyce, her mother, was just as thrilled. She said, “I knew Eloise always wanted to write a book of her own and I’m so glad she finally did so. In fact, she went a step further and illustrated it too. All her learning and experiences at CIS - from buddy reading sessions with her SK friends and lessons with her teacher Mr Adrian helped her immensely.”

For parents who want to inspire their children to do the same, Joyce suggests, “create love and respect for books at an early age. Encourage your young authors and never dismiss their aspirations no matter how tiny they are. You never really know what your encouragement could bring out in these little minds!”