Sports 9 Apr 2021

Tiago sails to victory

By CIS Communications
Photograph by CIS Communications

Lakeside Grade 4 student Tiago sailed away with a win in his category at the recent Singapore Youth Sailing Championship 2021, as well as clinching third spot overall. The regatta, a series of boat races, also counted towards school rankings so this means that CIS ranked 7th in the Silver Fleet category!

“It’s my first time ranking first,” says Tiago, “so I’m very happy and I’m grateful to my parents and coaches who helped me a lot.

Searching for a specialty
The sporty student started sailing when he was six years old after his parents’ friend took him for a ride aboard his boat. “I started sailing a Pico, which is a sailboat for beginners,” says Tiago. “Then I advanced to the Optimist when I was eight years old.”

Sailing is not the only sport that Tiago is passionate about. According to his parents Cindy and Claudio, he has always been active in soccer, rugby, hockey as well as tennis. But eventually Tiago decided that sailing would be his specialist sport. He trains twice a week on weekends and participates in national races on a regular basis with a lofty long-term goal: being invited to train with the Singapore national team.

Sailing through challenges
Being an avid sailor means that Tiago devotes a significant amount of time to practice and competitions, such as participating in inter-school races such as the Singapore Youth Sailing Championship. Nevertheless, Tiago never lets his busy schedule get in the way of his studies. With the help of his supportive parents, homeroom teacher (Ms Daisy Zhang) and his own diligence, Tiago makes sure to catch up on all his lessons by managing his time properly.

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So many learning opportunities
“Tiago has always been among the youngest in his team but he never gives up pushing himself,” says Tiago’s mum Cindy and dad Claudio. “Sailing requires skills, physical endurance, equipment preparation, responsibility when alone on water and during adverse weather conditions. Even though it was a solo competition, I believe the friendship he developed with his fellow teammates helped him to keep going and support each other on the water. He also has a very passionate coach to guide him.”

Winning is just a lucky by-product of his commitment to the sport. “We are grateful that Tiago has learned to be independent and responsible and how to face and overcome challenges in a calm manner through sailing,” according to Cindy and Claudio. “We feel that this is far more important than winning.”

We agree, Cindy and Claudio! Tiago’s can-do attitude is exactly what helped him clinch the top spot in his category this year. A feat made even more impressive considering he did not qualify for the Gold Fleet category last January. Well done, Tiago. We can’t wait to see you sail to more glories and may the wind be always at your back!