Student voice 13 Oct 2022

Student representatives share their goals for secondary life at CIS

By CIS Communications
Photograph by CIS Communications

You may have seen our posts on Facebook and Instagram introducing our secondary grade level representatives to the CIS community. We recently had the chance to chat with some of them on their goals and hopes for this year. From excitement for overseas excursions and larger-scale social events, to a desire to help all students feel supported and welcomed in our community, members of our student council share their vision of what they hope to bring to CIS through their unique roles.


What do you hope to achieve this year in your role as representative?

Carmen T: My goal as a grade 7 representative is to make all students feel welcomed and comfortable in our community, and to ensure they feel content in their learning environment.

Finn M: As a representative, I hope to be able to make my grade 10 peers smile. Although it may seem small, what matters most in school is that people are having fun and enjoying their time here.

Aryan T: As a grade 11 level representative and the leader of the sports committee, I hope to unite the CIS community through sporting events such as intramurals, teachers vs students matches, and lots more!

Yujia G: This year, I want to ensure that students have fun and enjoy their final years of the DP together. I also hope to make school a place which is enjoyable and where everyone feels comfortable.

Zixuan G: As a grade 12 representative, I strive to not only build a pleasant study environment, but also an environment to explore the potential of individuals within this community.

Why is this representative role important to you?

Anuva S: A role like this is important to me as it provides the opportunity to implement student ideas and create events and activities to bring the school community together.

Anna T: This role is a significant milestone for me as I’d always wanted to run for representative but didn't feel confident or was just too busy with other things in previous years. I think representation and understanding is really important as it helps unite the school and create spirit.

Finn M: Being a student council representative is important to me because it means that I am able to make a difference whether it be small or large.

Aryan T: I've been a member of the wonderful CIS community for 6 years and would like to give back by helping the student body achieve their goals.

Zixuan G: This role is the best medium to express my love and gratitude for this community. I also hope to establish my ability as a leader and support my schoolmates.


Finally, what are you most excited for this school year and why?

Carmen T: The grade 7 experience! I'm very excited to uncover more about secondary life and to see what else the secondary experience has to bring!

Anuva S: I cannot wait for larger scale events this year. Last year, we didn’t have a lot of freedom due to Covid-19 related restrictions, however things have changed and I’m so excited to participate in upcoming events!

Anna T: I love holidays and celebrations such as Halloween, Christmas and even Valentine’s Day! I am hoping to be able to incorporate these celebrations into our school life to provide students with a balance between fun and academics.

Aryan T: I'm most looking forward to the excursion in Nepal as it will be quality time spent with friends. I’m also looking forward to the formal dance at the end of the year.

Yujia G: I am very much looking forward to events like Halloween, free dress days, Christmas and New Years, and especially the sporting events and school-wide gatherings now that pandemic restrictions are gone.

Thank you to our secondary representatives. We are excited to see the changes you’ll bring to our community this year!