Student voice 17 Sep 2020

Grade 12s provide international panel their Cialfo perspective

By CIS Communications
Photograph by CIS Communications

Finding the right university is important to grade 12 students Sam M and Kashvi S, and Cialfo is a tool they use at CIS to create, manage and track their university applications online, and when Cialfo approached CIS to nominate students as beta-testers for their newly developed mobile app, Sam and Kashvi volunteered. After testing, they shared their perspective via a Zoom webinar with an international panel of over 100 students from all over the world. 

Cath Huang, Cialfo’s Senior Customer Success Manager, said “We chose CIS as one of the schools to collaborate with [because] we felt that CIS was the perfect choice due to its diverse community. It was also our very first webinar having students as co-panellists but it went amazingly well.”

Despite their inexperience, Sam and Kashvi's positive attitude and work etiquette impressed Cath. She said, “working with Sam and Kashvi was great! They were open to feedback and collaboration [so] it was very easy to work with them. I was impressed with the way they were able to articulate their experience with the Cialfo mobile app and their ability to ask questions. I also liked how they were able to contextualize it, both from their own personal experiences and opening it out to other students as well. This showed that they were not only mindful to share their experience, but also ensured that they were anticipating what other students may want to know or need to know about using the Cialfo mobile app.”

The panel webinar was indeed the perfect occasion for Sam and Kashvi to level up their public speaking skills. 

Sam said, “I was initially nervous about speaking in front of so many people but my fears soon disappeared as I started talking and I became more comfortable with the situation. This experience has definitely helped me improve my public speaking skills, which I feel is important as it enables me to communicate and convey my thoughts effectively with the audience.”. 

This all happened a few months ago. Sam and Kashvi are now utilising their new knowledge and skills to create a video presentation for fellow students in grades 11 and 12. Their presentation will outline features of the Cialfo mobile app and share tips on how to fully utilise them. 

The mobile app is now available for both iOS or Android users.