Student voice 10 Jan 2023

CIS alumnus, Joshua K., pursues his acting dream at Mountview

By CIS Communications
Photograph by CIS Communications

2020 was a very exciting year for Joshua K. (Class of 2018) as he was accepted into the super competitive Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts acting programme. Mountview is one of the UKs leading drama universities that offers 200 places annually, but receives over 3,500 applications each year.

His successful audition was a childhood dream come true, “I remember watching so many films and television shows when I was young, and it made me wonder, ‘What is it like to have a job where you could live different lives and tell stories?”


During his CIS days, he got his first acting opportunity in the 2016 play, “The Crucible”. As his debut on-stage performance, the dress rehearsal was nerve-wracking.

Stage fright got the best of him as debuted to an audience that included students from another school, “I basically froze on stage when I was supposed to say my monologue. Luckily, my cast members were able to help me out by saying their lines after my scene and we were able to continue the story.”

The experience helped him build the confidence he needed for the next performances and he grew to love it. He joined every school production he could in pursuit of an acting career.

“CIS talent shows were so much fun to be in! You got to watch so many brave students just enjoying themselves,” he reminisces. “A lot of that experience made me who I am today.”

In 2020, Joshua heard that Mountview had announced live auditions in Singapore and was encouraged by his vocal teachers to try out. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled due to COVID restrictions and he had to submit a recording instead. Performing in front of a camera was not something he was used to.

“It didn’t help that I had such a small bedroom to record in,” he said. “But I decided to try it anyway and challenge myself to go beyond what I normally would. I’m really grateful that I did!”


At Mountview, he earned several theatre credits under his belt. These included his recent roles in Leo Butler’s “Boy”, an immersive play about the different people a teenage boy meets on the streets of London.

Joshua played a total of 7 characters, including an agitated patient, a cyclist, and a homeless man. This was, no doubt, a real test on his acting abilities, especially during the rehearsals.

“We had to change characters constantly throughout the story and make them distinct from one another,” he says. “It was a fun challenge for me personally as I got many opportunities to explore new characters.”

His hard work paid off as the company completed a successful run in November. Now, he is looking forward to graduating with a Bachelor of Performance in Acting in the summer.

As he continues his journey towards the silver screen (or broadway), he encourages other aspiring thespians to take risks, be it on stage or during rehearsals. He believes that actors should always explore new ways to express their characters.

“And if you do something that doesn’t work out or looks bad, don’t beat yourself up,” he adds. “It's normal to find both good and bad ideas in the process, and personally, I’d rather make mistakes now than encounter it later in life!”