Student voice 12 Aug 2022

CIS alumnus, Cian R appointed to the United States Air Force Academy

By CIS Communications
Photograph by Tom Anderson, MYP music teacher

The sky's the limit for CIS alumnus, Cian R as he receives acceptance into the United States Air Force Academy.

With an acceptance rate of just 13%, getting into the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) is no easy feat. CIS alumnus Cian R (Class of 2019) has achieved this and is the only graduate from Singapore who made it through to the Class of 2026.

His academic excellence played a part in his success as USAFA expects candidates to be in the top 10% of their graduating class. Cadets must also go through a rigorous selection process that puts their character, athletic ability, and discipline to the test.

With several opportunities to explore his interests since Grade 1 at CIS, Cian was able to showcase his diverse capabilities beyond academics. Even when he could not play sports due to a leg injury, he discovered other interests. In high school, he took up leadership positions in student clubs Model United Nations, Green Machine and Symphonic Band.

His impressive track record carried on during his time in National Service. At the SAFTI Military Institute, he led his branch in coordinating important events, such as foreign delegate visits and disciplinary investigations. He also participated in competitive mixed martial arts as a hobby during his time in National Service.

Even so, Cian was not always certain about his pathway. Cian recalls that his university counsellor, Mr. Taskin observed his militaristic interests and pointed him in the right direction. Mr. Taskin not only advised him throughout the application process, but also kept him on track with the numerous deadlines.

Cian also appreciates the advice of Mr. Anderson, his teacher-turned-mentor, whose personal story inspired him to pursue his passion. The rest is history. During a recent visit to Colorado, Mr. Anderson took the opportunity to catch up with his former student.

Sworn in this June, Cian has recently completed his Basic Cadet Training. He enjoyed the process that involves intensive physical training and military knowledge learning. One big reason was the motivated individuals at USAFA. “It is a great joy to constantly be surrounded by them and be a part of the positive team,” he says.

In addition to training, he shares that he plans to study intermediate French and Chinese, on top of his core classes of calculus, history of warfare and behavioural psychology. Balancing both academics and training, he has a challenging but fulfilling journey ahead of him as he works towards becoming a commissioned officer.

We are so proud of how far Cian has come and look forward to following his future endeavours!