Learning 1 Dec 2016

Teacher Attachment Programme

By Angela Henderson, TK Principal
Photograph by CIS Communications

Teaching and learning doesn’t just happen between teachers and students. CIS has a commitment to the profession of teaching by providing opportunities for aspiring or current local teachers to learn from our highly qualified and accomplished teachers. One such annual opportunity is the Teacher Attachment Programme (TAP), which offers a great learning experience for PAP Community Foundation (PCF) teachers, who currently teach at local pre-schools.

This year, TK hosted eight PCF kindergarten teachers for five days. The PCF teachers were paired each day with a different TK kindergarten teacher and joined in all the learning experiences, which even included a field trip to the airport. The objective of the week long placement was to broaden the PCF teachers’ perspective and to enrich their learning experiences through exposure to the foreign education system.

In a feedback session with our visitors, they complimented our teachers’ ability to encourage and develop independence in our young students, from being responsible for unpacking their backpacks to leading their own personal inquiries. They also shared their envy for the availability of our green spaces that support learning. It was a good reminder for us not to take for granted the fabulous TK environment - imagine if they had been able to visit the Outdoor Discovery Centre (ODC), which is under construction.

We look forward to the prospect of both parties strengthening relationships through this collaborative effort.