Student voice 5 Dec 2018

Training for cross country the Husky way

By Shiqin Ong, grade 8 (Lakeside)
Photograph by CIS Communications

On 1 November, our 12U and 14U girls and boys competed at the last cross country meet of the season. The Huskies competed against several other schools, which included UWCSEA, Tanglin, and Dulwich. The track course at Bedok Reservoir was three kilometres long . Everyone was nervous but in good spirits.

The 14U girls started off first. They were then followed by our 14U boys, 12U girls and 12U boys. Everyone was cheering their team on, and encouraging all the runners.

The CIS cross country team has been working hard since the beginning of the year.  We trained at least two times a week under the supervision of Mr Clarke, Mr Kys, Ms Hosick, Ms Rambin, and Ms Ramsey. The venue was the Chinese Garden near our Lakeside campus which was the perfect training ground with the unending pathways and challenging hills.

One of my favorite memories was one Wednesday morning when it was rainy. The sky was grey and it was drizzling slightly. Every puddle my friend and I saw, we would jump and splash in. We tried to splash each other as much as possible. My socks and shoes were completely soaked but I think it was worth it. I really enjoyed this season and trying cross country. I will definitely be running more. Not just to increase my physical endurance and enjoying the outdoors, but also to feel the satisfaction and pride of finishing a run.

Cross country is a great sport to get up your endurance and enjoy the outside. Training is challenging and you are always testing your limits. Keep running, run faster, and push it when you are almost done. Nevertheless, I recommend everybody  to consider doing cross country next year! Go Huskies!