Student voice 22 Jan 2019

CIS students broaden horizons at 6th Chinese Teachers’ Conference

By Marie-Lyn Jalaguier and Natasha Nagata (grade 10)
Photograph by CIS Communications

The pedagogy (principles and methods of instruction) of language learning is built on best practices, however, it is a diverse discipline that is unique to every teacher and school community. There are many ways to not only teach students, but also to maintain their attention and interest.

On the second day of the 6th Chinese Teachers’ Conference, Chinese language teachers from around the world gathered to observe how Chinese is taught at CIS. They visited a number of classrooms, and observed methods and strategies utilised when teaching to students of different levels of language proficiency. Teachers also had opportunities to break into discussion groups to discuss what they’d observed and to share what practice looked like in their own school.


Our job as student-ambassadors was to help visiting teachers find the designated classrooms, navigate our school and answer questions they may have had about our school or the event. It was a great opportunity for us to help out as volunteers. Not only did we get some unique insight into how our teachers teach in Chinese classes, we also got to see the type of teaching strategies that are effective for different groups of students across a range of ages and proficiency levels.

At the same time, we were able to practise our Chinese speaking and listening skills. Visiting teachers asked us about our own language learning experiences (both at home and school), and we interviewed them about their teaching experiences and thoughts about the Chinese Conference.