Student voice 18 Dec 2018

Behind the camera: a student’s story

By Ryan Huang, grade 9
Photograph by CIS Communications

Over the past four months of being part of the Live Video Crew (LVC), I’ve quickly gained a lot of experience as a camera operator. I remember covering our first show (TEDxYouth) and how stressful it was. I was assigned to the centre camera position, which was mainly responsible for wide shots and zooming in when necessary.

I was always fascinated by cameras and how they operate, but actually operating a camera live was very different than my expectations. I expected it to be very easy but in reality, it was very difficult. The TEDx speakers would sometimes move out of the frame so you have to try and predict their next move.

The UN Parade of Nations was definitely a memorable experience for me as a camera operator. Although it was not the hardest thing to do technically (because there was a method to follow), the people running into the frame and other factors made it very hard to get a good shot. Overall, I am extremely happy that I joined the LVC as it gave me more experience as a camera person and it has also been very fun journey.