Learning 12 Nov 2019

A tapestry of kindness

By Melissa W, grade 12
Photograph by CIS Communications

As a CAS project, Melissa W created an embroidery club for fellow secondary embroidery enthusiasts. The club met quietly every Wednesday after school and together 24 girls across a range of grades developed their embroidery skills to create products based on their personal interests. After developing confidence in their own embroidery skills, they decided to apply their new skill-set towards a common goal: create 51 embroidered tote bags for the children of the Infant Jesus Homes & Children’s Centres (IJHCC), a charity orphanage in Singapore.

This was not an easy task for the girls who were fledgling embroiderers, as embroidery is a very time-consuming craft that requires energy and patience. As they grappled with the daily pressures of life and school work, the girls’ persistence helped them meet their common goal. Their determination and positive attitude should be applauded.

Their efforts undoubtedly paid off - with 51 embroidered tote bags being delivered to the children in IJHCC in August! These bags will now serve as reminders that there is always someone who cares.