Learning 2 Jul 2020

Tune in to CIS's Chinese radio club!

By Joo San Chong, MYP/DP Chinese teacher (Lakeside)
Photograph by Joo San Chong

The Chinese Radio Club(The Light of Maple Leaf -《枫光无线校园广播电台》aims to provide a platform for students who are interested in radio broadcasting and want to showcase their talents. It also provides a transdisciplinary learning opportunity for secondary students to explore various forms of media in Chinese. 

We started the club in September 2019 with members from grades 7 to 11. There are 5 main programmes: 

“The Audio Book Channel” 《云中书有声书》- run by Yichan J, Xinzi J, Stacy W and Hongyang C. This is a programme that introduces celebrated literature pieces through reading. This is also a platform where our students showcase the depth of work in our Chinese Literature classes. 

“Life Compass”《生活指南针》- run by Yuhan S, Mia M and Xiwen S. This programme introduces various aspects of knowledge in everyday life, including tourist attractions, life skills, pet care, and current news such as the latest on Covid-19. 

“Chinese Crosstalk”《阳光小剧场-中国相声》- run by Johnny M and Wentong L. “Crosstalk” is a traditional form of Chinese entertainment which focuses on the characteristics of speaking and humour. The scripts were all written by Johnny, and performed by him and Wentong. 

“Useful Chinese”《有用的汉语》- run by Yuxin G, Menghan Z and Yuhe L. “Useful Chinese” is a programme to help beginners learn Chinese. In each episode, the students designed a dialogue based on a specific scenario and highlighted new vocabulary and sentences for the students to learn.

“Sleep If You Can”《怪诞物语睡前故事系列》- run by Rose K and Stella S. They share some of the most amazing and mysterious stories or incidents in the world that can't be explained by science. 

I would also like to thank our technical team who is in charge of editing the recordings: Jiahao S, Chitian Z, Changhao L and Rui Yi W. Last but not least, I’m grateful to Mr Egmond Boon and Mr Tim Studlo who provided their technical expertise during our recordings in CIS’s professional recording studio!  

Please sit back and enjoy listening to these students' amazing podcasts and do share your thoughts with us on our feedback form after that!