Sports 18 May 2020

TK's second sports season's strong finish

By Fabio Dogliotti, TK sports coordinator
Photograph by Fabio Dogliotti

Our second sporting season was full of wonderful moments. While coronavirus brought the season to a premature end, our Husky athletes still gave it their all. Our 12U basketball boys’ team, for instance, earned the third position in the 4th division and received the bronze medal. Congratulations!

Mr Jamie Yorke, their coach, said: “the team had a spectacular season finishing their scheduled matches with only one loss. They worked hard to accomplish an impressive 7-1 record. They tied for second place with GIIS (Global Indian International School) but had to settle for third place since they had fewer points in total.

The boys started their season as a passionate group and it was clear from day one that they wanted to do the best they could. While they played a little recklessly in the beginning (eg they often forgot to cover their teammates and make a quick return to defence), they improved as the season progressed. Once all the players understood their role and responsibilities, we found success as a team! Their only loss was a friendly game against CIS Lakeside. Congratulations to Lakeside for winning gold and I must say it’s been a pleasure coaching such a passionate team that loved every moment of their season. Well done Huskies!”

Other teams like our 12U girls’ basketball team, 10U football team and 11U badminton team also deserve to be mentioned. They attended every training session and game with loads of determination, commitment and positivity - which was not an easy thing to do in the midst of a pandemic! 

Ms Sarah Cole, the 12U girls’ basketball coach, couldn’t have agreed more. She said:

“Stepping up into 12U basketball was a new challenge from the 11U experience. Some of our teammates weren't old enough but despite that and even with smaller numbers, confidence ruled. We had the foundational skills, and now needed to refine our game. In our first match we were surprised to see the other team and how tall they were (even taller than me!). We may have lost that game but we gained so much throughout the season. We gained speed and strength, we gained persistence and creativity, and perhaps most importantly, we gained a love for the game and deepened our friendships. I can't wait to see how the girls develop their skills and abilities next year.”

A big thank you (from me, Mr Fabio, and the activities team) and great job everyone. I miss seeing all the students participating in the ACSIS competitive sports! You guys are the best! Go Huskies!