Learning 20 Jun 2019

TK's hopping success!

By Kirsty Kelly, TK learning support teacher
Photograph by CIS Communications

Ten mathematically inclined grade 3 students from TK began preparing for the annual Kangourou sans frontiéres, or Kangaroo Math in January, an international math competition where students from over 70 countries compete. A strong mathematician engages logic, number knowledge, computational accuracy and has the ability to think through a challenge. By using test papers from previous years as practice, students strengthened their ability to: think creatively and critically, manage time effectively, and strengthen their capacity to apply skills and knowledge appropriately. And they did it across the course of three short months - during recess!

TK CIS Kangaroo math winners

These 10 risk-takers (Cherry P, Anne L, Sumire I, Jamie H, Len S, Shlok R, Vivaan D, Taehyun P, YuJin N and Mingxuan Z) met each Monday from mid-January right up until the competition in late March. They spent recess and quiet reading times working through complex problems that required multiple strategies. So that they would cover every possible question format and familiarise themselves with a range of mathematical terminology, these industrious students took home past Kangaroo Math competition papers - and even searched for more online.

After a gruelling 90-minute math paper and a 6-week wait, we were happy to learn we had 4 winners from our pool of 10 participants. Vivaan D, Cherry P and Park Tae H all received bronze. Len S finished with a gold, placed in the Singapore Top 10. Len was even ranked number one among international school participants in his grade category.

But we’d like to congratulate all participants - everyone who participated was definitely a winner. Skills were enhanced, confidence boosted, and mathematical perspectives and what is important were widened. Any of the TK kangaroos who hopped over the finish line will carry the sense of achievement and pride with them in the years ahead!

Vivaan D, Cherry P, Park Tae H, Len S (not in order)

Special mention also goes out to grade 2 students Kanghyun K. (gold medalist) and Charles K. who joined Kangaroo Math as individual participants. Great job everyone!