Arts 16 May 2016

TK's First Musical: "The Best Little Theatre In Town"

By CIS Communications
Photograph by CIS Communications
by Vedang Deshpande, Grade 5 Student, TK Campus -

“There's not a nicer group of people that can be found than at The Best Little Theatre in Town.”

This was a popular phrase that the cast and crew of TK’s first Musical used frequently during the 8 month journey of preparations and rehearsals. Everyone involved created a bond which will be cherished forever.

I'm Vedang Deshpande, and I played the role of Brock Adams. I'm very lucky to have been a part of TK’s first musical. It all started with auditions that saw an overwhelming interest from students. While I was happy just to have the opportunity, my friends and I mustered enough courage to audition for a role. After reading the script, I immediately liked the story. It was a show within a show, our group of actors and actresses were showing the daily life of a cast and crew working in a theatre called, “The Best Little Theatre in Town”. They had to save the theatre from some greedy characters who were stealing the theatre’s money. The concept was really clever because it showed what really happens behind the scenes, a backstage exclusive!

All the departments - cast, stage managers, costume, makeup, set and design, advertising, and tickets put in a lot of effort and giving it their best. All of us got to know the steps involved in putting up a production and it was a great learning experience!

We all played a big role in making this production a success, but the whole show wouldn't have been possible without the initiative taken by our wonderful music and drama teachers, Ms. Ho and Ms. Laderoute, who respectively choreographed and directed the production.

In the end, we gained new friends and new understanding about how to perform. Just like one of our lead characters Connie Chase said “This theatre means everything to us, we’re like family”. Our cast and crew will always remember our time together and how we grew into family thanks to “The Best Little Theatre in Town”.