Learning 20 Jun 2019

TK mathletes amaze

By CIS Communications
Photograph by CIS Communications

57 TK students competed against the top mathematical talent from 58 primary schools in Singapore and other schools across Asia in SASMO 2019. We are very proud of everyone who participated, but we’d like to honour the 22 students who earned gold, silver or bronze medals. If you run into any of these students in the halls at school, please remember to give them a celebratory high five!

Gold medal winners: Yosei H, Rina K, Aarav S, Sirui W 

TK CIS SASMO gold medal winners

Silver medal winners: Jiatong Matteo R, Daniel G, Tasha P, Minchan K, Kaho O 

TK CIS SASMO silver medal winners

Bronze medal winners: Evan C, Max W, Rintaro I, You W, Zoe L, Neil R, Divit S, Gergana V, Lauren C, Tobias G, Zofia S, Isabel P 

TK CIS SASMO bronze medal winners

Thank you to our dedicated teaching team (Kevin Collins, Murray Kotke, Kevin Brooks, Bill Hendsbee, Heather Metz, Fiona Scerri and Lulu Hua), who gave up their lunch breaks to support our students.

A very special mention also goes out to grade 2 bronze medalists Purab S (he also won gold in Kangaroo Math) and Minjun S who joined SASMO as individual participants. Well done everyone! 

TK CIS SASMO grade 2 bronze medal winners