Learning 30 Nov 2016

ELL challenges communication skills

By Sumita Malhotra and Jamie Yorke, ELL teachers
Photograph by CIS Communications

Grade 4 to 6 ELL students at TK have been playing games and doing activities blindfolded as a way to improve their communication skills. Last week, the students enjoyed their first blindfold challenge on the creative playground. They were grouped in pairs, where one student was blindfolded. The students who were not blindfolded were asked to guide their blindfolded partners safely around obstacles, using simple English commands. Partners needed to trust each other, and guides had to speak clearly in English as they led their partners from one place to another. This was an excellent showcase of their improved speaking and listening skills.

This week, they did a blindfolded drawing activity with their partner in the classroom. Once their partner was blindfolded, we wrote a word on the board that they needed to attempt to have their partner draw in their notebook without knowing what they were drawing.

These activities have been a great way to build their speaking and listening skills while at the same time encouraging them to trust each other, cooperate better and have fun!

tk-ell-blindfold-1 tk-ell-blindfold-1-1