Learning 24 Sep 2020

The show must go on

By CIS Communications
Photograph by CIS Communications

Learning a second language often involves the ability to adapt to evolving situations. Take Ms Virginie Roserat’s grade 3 French language acquisition class for example. Last year, they planned to perform “Le Bistro des Animaux” for their parents and the TK community. 

“Le Bistro des Animaux” is a story about three animals that initially dislike one another because of their differences. The students had been learning an extensive vocabulary over the past year, so performing the play would be the final culmination of their unit “Le théâtre et les histoires” (Theatre and stories). The play would also give them a great opportunity to showcase their fluency in French through drama and theatre. 

Unfortunately due to social distancing measures, the grade 3s couldn’t meet their classmates in person to rehearse and work on their play. Nonetheless, the students were unfazed by the challenge and continued collaborating online via Google Meet sessions. But tighter social distancing measures soon meant they had to move their play online. 

To tackle this challenge, the grade 3s filmed their own parts at home with the help of their parents and emailed them to Ms Virginie to edit into a movie. They also created their own cute props and costumes to spice up their performances. 

Samaira, who acted as Madame Souris in the play, said: “I especially enjoyed acting my role with my dear lamp prop, my costume... and my odd singing. My French teacher really helped me out. Thanks to her, I like everything that we did!”

Their classmate Sahil nodded in agreement and added: “We worked on the play for a long time but I’m very proud of it and my classmates too!”

You can now enjoy Bella, Amber, Dev, Saina, Sahil, Samaira, Shayona, Ayan, Keya, Kyra, Tarisha, Benjamin and Brandon’s acting talents in a sneak peek of their performance here. Great job, everyone!