Readers Cup 15 May 2018

The Readers Cup Festival 2018

By Aryaan Ray, Lakeside grade 6 student
Photograph by CIS Communications

On April 19, CIS students went to Dulwich College to participate in the Reader’s Cup Festival 2018. There was a buzz of excitement in the air and we made an oath to do our best. We knew it was going to be a wonderful event with Ms Lisa Miller and Ms. Melissa Cooper.

A new addition to the Festival was having students from other schools work together to create something about the books we read. First we joined our teams with the other school teams and formed a new group. We older students created a jingle based on one of our favourite Red Dot books. We used the tune from songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, added words and events from the books, then we presented it. In the meantime, our younger students worked together to create a skit about their favourite event in a Red Dot book.

Although it was a challenge to work with strangers, everyone pitched in and got the job done. The results were amazing and all the teachers were thoroughly impressed with the level of cooperation and our beaming smiles.

This year we got the chance to judge the book covers ourselves. Hopefully we’ll also get to judge the book trailers in the future as well. On top of that, it was an exciting surprise every time we were randomly selected throughout the event to receive signed copies of popular Red Dot books.

After that session, it was time for (pause for effect) THE NATIONAL READERS CUP QUIZ! All the teams battled it out and were constantly trying to edge one another out in a huge contest. In fact, the intensity was nearly too much! The Kahoots quizzes were amazing and were perfect! Not too easy, not too hard. The battle was worth it; months of studying and meetings really paid off.

CIS ranked high in all areas of competition during the festival. The Mature Readers from Lakeside won 1st and 2nd place in the quiz and got the famous Readers Cup! The cup is now currently being proudly displayed in the Senior Library at the Lakeside campus.

Both the Older Readers and the Younger Readers from the CIS Lakeside campus won 2nd and 3rd place for the Readers Cup quiz. In addition, some of our TK students walked away with awards for their beautiful book covers. Thank you to Mr. Brian Hobbs for your support. Congratulations to the following teams and students!

Mature Readers


  • Shiqin Ong
  • Amanda Evangelista
  • Ume Bhattacharya
  • Jemima Shortell


  • Aleena Bashir
  • Dev Pal
  • Nikolas Abashin
  • Nadiv Faraz

Mentor: Ms. Lisa Miller

Older Readers


  • Alexey Karapetyants
  • Joel Crasto
  • Jimmy Wang
  • Aryaan Ray
  • Aryan Tuteja

Mentor: Ms. Melissa Cooper


  • Howard Shi
  • Scarlett Liang
  • Lucie Janouskava
  • Brian Kim

Mentor: Ms. Megan Castro-Driver

Younger Readers


  • Anishka Sohal
  • Valentina Actis Gorretta
  • Nandini Ray
  • Alexandra Tan
  • Audrey Butteriss
  • Minseo Kang

Mentor: Ms. Ali Eddy


  • Guanchen Jin
  • Victoria Chu
  • Ananaya Arun (Nia)
  • Yumin Park
  • Mila Razzaghi
  • Anoushka D'sa

Mentor: Ms. Tracy MacDonald

Cover Winners

  • 1st: Rizaline Cruz (older)
  • 2nd: Sean Kim (younger)
  • 3rd: Sakuraku Innou (younger)

In conclusion, Reader’s Cup is an amazing experience that is totally recommended!