Learning 12 Aug 2022

Primary students pit their mathematical skills at SASMO

By CIS Communications
Photograph by CIS Communications

Introduced in 2006, Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO) is one of the largest math contests in Asia which aims to engage, encourage and inspire student interest in mathematical problem solving. Catering to the top 40% of the student population, it provides a challenging feat of which CIS is now a regular participant.

Student volunteers from grades 3 to 6 demonstrated perseverance and commitment as they prepared for the 90 minute examination that requires students to not only solve mathematical concepts but also demonstrate their understanding through an in-depth explanation of how they came to solve it. The inquiry-based approach at CIS helps students approach mathematical problems in different ways and we are proud to see so many of them achieve success every year in the competition.

226 students from Lakeside and 55 students from TK completed the specific grade-level exams. Results were released in June 2022, and we are delighted to share that 79 of our grade 3 to 6 students placed gold, silver or bronze.

Gold medal recipients

Zhuoyu Wu, Grade 3 LKS
Donghao (Howard) Jin, Grade 4 TK
Hangyeol Park, Grade 4 LKS
Kaini Zhang, Grade 5 TK
Luke (Muzhou) Liu, Grade 5 TK
Rivika Nair, Grade 5 LKS
Arthur Poon, Grade 6 LKS
Amber An, Grade 6 LKS
Abbie (Jiayu) Wu, Grade 6 LKS
Aarav Chaturvedi, Grade 6 LKS

Silver medal recipients

Nicolas Nagase Mous, Grade 3 LKS
Spencer Ryan-Li Werstuik, Grade 3 LKS
Joon Soo Kim, Grade 3 LKS
Ziyao Wang, Grade 3 LKS
Seongwon Heo, Grade 3 LKS
Eunjin (Jinny) Hwang, Grade 4 TK
Jasman Singh, Grade 4 TK
Tianyi Chen, Grade 4 TK
Om Pawaskar, Grade 4 TK
Peixi Hu, Grade 4 TK
Ahaan Poojara, Grade 4 TK
Shreyans Jain, Grade 4 TK
Sparsh Pandey, Grade 4 TK
Chengen Cao, Grade 3 LKS
Yuhan Zhang, Grade 4 LKS
Miaoyi Zhou, Grade 4 LKS
Aurvi Jain, Grade 4 LKS
Emil Takechi-Hansen, Grade 4 LKS
Jiayin Hu, Grade 4 LKS
Angus Chen Xuan Cao, Grade 4 LKS
Cindy Li, Grade 5 TK
Mihir Aniruddha, Grade 5 TK
Rishan Kapoor, Grade 5 TK
Aaron Poon, Grade 5 LKS
Kavinda Goonesekera, Grade 5 LKS
Austin Choong, Grade 5 LKS
Steve (Xuanzhang) Zhu, Grade 6 LKS
Alex (Junwon) Sung, Grade 6 LKS
Xander Wong, Grade 6 LKS
Len Sakata, Grade 6 LKS
Jooha Park, Grade 6 LKS
Andy (Haolin) Tang, Grade 6 LKS
Joanie Li, Grade 6 LKS
Joshua Wong, Grade 6 LKS

Bronze medal recipients

Weihua Kong, Grade 3 LKS
Yoonho Lee, Grade 3 LKS
Granger Lu, Grade 4 TK
Rayhan Semper-Yusuf, Grade 4 TK
Akshara Sampath, Grade 4 TK
Airui (Eric) Ge, Grade 4 LKS
Mark Jiovanni Rivera, Grade 4 LKS
Luojing (Asher) Hou, Grade 4 LKS
Jaein Park, Grade 4 LKS
Evan Soesanto, Grade 4 LKS
Avni Saxena, Grade 4 LKS
Ruxi Zhang, Grade 4 LKS
Shai-Lee Trogan, Grade 4 LKS
Takuma Yamane, Grade 4 LKS
Charlie Kay, Grade 5 TK
Agasthya Jena, Grade 5 TK
Aryaveer Singh, Grade 5 TK
Caterina Moscatelli, Grade 5 TK
Aiden Welsh, Grade 5 TK
Samaira Kalia, Grade 5 TK
Stella Park, Grade 5 LKS
Krishiv Sharma, Grade 5 LKS
Alex Poon, Grade 5 LKS
Xiaoteng Ni, Grade 5 LKS
Peggie Cai, Grade 5 LKS
Seoyeon Kim, Grade 5 LKS
Xuchang Hu, Grade 6 LKS
Seoyoung Lee, Grade 6 LKS
Jayden Lee, Grade 6 LKS
Rebecca Sien Liu, Grade 6 LKS
Brian (Bofeng) Li, Grade 6 LKS
Luke (Seungsub) Lee, Grade 6 LKS
Jayden Lee, Grade 6 LKS
Dana Kim, Grade 6 LKS
Evelyn (Jingxuan) Yu, Grade 6 LKS

Congratulations to all students who participated in the competition. You not only did a great job, you demonstrated an impressive commitment to learning.