Community & Service 16 Apr 2021

Must-reads for Earth Week

By CIS Communications
Photograph by CIS Communications

Has Earth Week inspired you to get reading about sustainability? Here are some of our teachers and administrators’ favourite books you can find in the Lakeside library.

Johan Stromsater, CEO

Title: One well: the story of water on Earth
Author: Rochelle Strauss

Pete Corcoran, Head of School

Title: Ecology
Author: Steve Pollock

Colleen Drisner, Head of Student Support and Wellbeing

Title: Waste and recycling
Author: Steve Parker

Angela Hollington, Lakeside primary principal

Title: Earth Day
Author: Molly Aloian

Celeste Krochak, Lakeside primary vice-principal

Title: The Great kapok tree: a tale of the Amazon Rain
Author: Lynne Cherry

Huali Xiong, Chinese Language and Bilingual School Principal

Title: 一棵知道很多故事的树 | He is like a big tree
Author: Hideko Ise

Crystal Cadeo, grade 3 teacher

Title: True green kids: 100 things you can do to save the planet
Author: Kim McKay

Anika Sommer, primary school math coordinator

Title: Dinosaurs to the rescue! guide to protecting our planet
Author: Laurene Krasny Brown

Mei Song, grade 3 bilingual teacher

Title: Love your world
Author: DK publishing

Greg Haines, grade 5 teacher

Title: Heroes of the environment: true stories of people who are helping to protect our planet
Author: Harriet Rohmer

Laura Wilmes, Nursery/PK grade level lead

Title: Where once there was a wood
Author: Denise Fleming

Lana Park, grade 1 teacher

Title: It’s Earth Day
Author: Mercer Mayer

Haiying Li, grade 2 bilingual teacher

Title: 呼呼呼!: 守护犀牛萨米亚的故事 | Rhino in the house: the story of saving Samia
Author: Daniel Kirk

Vanessa Ferra, grade 2 teacher

Title: Katie saves the Earth
Author: Fran Manuskkin

Kevin Epp, grade 2 teacher

Title: Animal watch: the young person’s guide to protecting the planet
Author: Roger Few

Fernanda De Melo, IA

Title: Earth-friendly transportation
Author: Miriam Coleman

Hetty Boon, JK grade level lead

Title: Picture a tree
Author: Barbara Reid

Mengyao Wang, SK bilingual teacher

Title: 绿宝宝 | Greenling
Author: Levi Pinfold