Community & Service 7 Jul 2022

Looking ahead to CIS' new kindergarten wing

By CIS Communications
Photograph by CIS Communications

Our new wing will open its doors in February 2023 and this kindergarten wing, which will house students to 5 years of age, will feature some new and exciting indoor and outdoor facilities for both primary and secondary students.

Our swim team and PE classes will benefit from the new indoor swimming complex which includes a 25 metre short course training pool (and accompanying dryland training area). Beginner swimmers will have access to a separate learn-to-swim pool. Additionally, our students will also get to enjoy a well-equipped, tournament-sized gymnasium suited to a range of competitive and recreational sports.

Creative expression will have an opportunity to grow in our new music, visual arts and dance studios, while theatre, song and dance performances will have a choice of venue: the existing 500 seat David Foster theatre or our new 200-seat black box theatre.

In addition to an instructional bakery, a library and a gross motor room, CIS’s learning pod concept has been incorporated into the design. These grade-specific spaces are designed to foster a sense of community as our youngest learners come together for investigations and celebrations.


Our nursery and pre-kindergarten students will be located in spacious ground-level kindergarten classrooms that open directly onto our Outdoor Discovery Centre (ODC). CIS’s ODCs were a first in Singapore and were featured in Finland’s 100 global education innovations.

Living up to its name as a “discovery centre”, our 2,600 square metre ODC will feature a bike track, a nature trail, sandpits, a waterfall pond, a mud kitchen, art and music gardens, open lawns, multi-level decks and even a treehouse. All of these spaces have been purposefully designed to support our inquiry and play-based approach stimulating our young learners' imagination and curiosity.

Learning outdoors is a critical aspect aspect of life at CIS as it encourages children to engage with the world in an experiential and hands-on manner. For example, students will learn fundamental concepts like volume and measurements by playing in our mud kitchen, enhance their gross-motor skills riding on our bike tracks and learn phonics by spelling out their names with paint in our art garden.

We can’t wait to explore this exciting new wing. For more construction updates and progress, you can visit this page. Alternatively, click here to view a time-lapse of our construction journey so far.