Learning 18 Dec 2018

Le café at TK

By Nandini Jhaveri, French lead teacher (TK)
Photograph by CIS Communications

French café at school? C’est possible! For parents and teachers? Oui biensûr!

Students serving? Mais oui! In French? Evidemment!

Grade 3 French students culminated their unit on healthy foods by organising a cafe for their parents and teachers on a Thursday afternoon. Students planned the menu that included a salad with a variety of vegetables, a cheese plate, fruit salad and a choice of drinks.

Students were responsible in conducting the entire event in French - from preparing the salads and naming all the ingredients to their parents sitting at the table to serving cheese and offering drinks….all in French. They were little 8-year-old servers walking (or running) around with trays and mind you, with not a single spill!

Menu cards, carefully written by the grade 3s, served as table mats. Since their biggest concern was that mum or dad didn’t speak French, there were pictures to explain the ingredients. And of course, not forgetting the “bill” that was presented at the end of the meal where real money was collected and counted. Everyone had a good lunch at the TK MYP basketball court and we are very thankful to all the “customers” who took time from their busy schedules to come join us for lunch.