Community & Service 24 Jun 2020

Lakeside's coast to coast challenge is a success!

By Mark Vatsis, Lakeside PE lead
Photograph by CIS Communications

During a lovely evening walk, Ms. Angela Hollington (Lakeside’s primary principal) came up with an idea for the entire Lakeside primary to go on a virtual walk. After brainstorming with the Physical Education team, the CIS Coast to Coast Challenge was born! The purpose of this challenge was to keep everyone active, healthy and boost the school spirit by having the primary school community achieve a common goal. 

Accumulating steps for a virtual walk across Singapore and Canada
To demonstrate the effectiveness of teamwork, students were challenged to accumulate steps over a 3 week period. We kicked off the event with a three-day, 36km trail walk across Singapore followed by a ten-day, 7278km walk across the Trans-Canada Highway from coast to coast. At the end of each week, participants filled out a form to show that they had completed their steps and shared a photo of their efforts. 

Walking for a good cause
Our students were also encouraged to find ‘sponsors’ who promised to pay them a certain amount if they completed the challenge. All the money collected will go to the charity HOME  (Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics), which offers help to migrant workers across Singapore who have been displaced. For the period when Singapore is afflicted with COVID-19, HOME is funnelling donations to create self-care packs, fund doctor’s check-ups, and other essential services to migrant workers in need.  

Teamwork for the win
The goal of this challenge was more than completing steps. It was also to promote physical activity, bring the community together, raise some funds for those in need of support, and build our school spirit. The weekly forms and photos were solid evidence that we achieved our goals and reminded us of what can be accomplished when we work together as a team. 

On behalf of Ms. Hollington, the PE team, and all teachers, we want to congratulate everyone who participated in this fun-filled challenge. We hope you continue to be healthy by keeping active and having fun every day!