Learning 14 May 2020

JKs transform observational drawings into love cards

By Hetty Boon, JK learning lead (Lakeside)
Photograph by Hetty Boon

The day before Valentine’s day, after our morning discussion, my JK (junior kindergarten) students were invited to use their senses and make observations of some orchids. We passed the flowers around to feel, touch, smell, and look at. We spoke about the colours and shapes that we could identify and talked about how we can translate 3D objects to 2D drawings onto paper.

The students were then invited to make an observational drawing. They were encouraged to draw what they saw in front of them as realistically and as true to life as possible. During this engagement, the students carefully observed the shapes, patterns, perspective, colours, shadows, contours, and how all of the details interacted.

This engagement not only helped the students develop their observation skills and reflect on what they saw, it also brought up topics for discussion. Through noticing the details, the children’s understandings deepened, and provoked further questions and statements. Some of their wonderings were: “Why does an orchid have different shapes?”, “I can see the pollen in the orchid.”

This activity turned out to be an excellent way for the children to be active observers of the world around them. By providing a setting where they can share observations that will guide their research and inquiry, it led them to greater knowledge! Since it was Valentine’s Day the following day, the students decided to use their artwork to create “Love Cards” and wrote beautiful messages for their families. Nothing like a handmade card to express love and heartfelt appreciation!