Community & Service 16 Aug 2022

Introducing Julie Milligan, Secondary Vice Principal

By CIS Communications
Photograph by CIS Communications

We welcome Julie Milligan, our new grades 10-12 secondary vice principal to the CIS community. Hailing from Canada, Julie is passionate about developing trusting and caring relationships among staff, parents and students, and creating opportunities for meaningful academic and personal growth for students.

We had the opportunity to chat with Julie about her approach to education, and the goals she has for the new year ahead at CIS.

Welcome to CIS, Julie! How do you feel about starting a new school year?

A new school year is exciting and fills my heart with joy and inspiration. As I continue to meet the amazing CIS staff and faculty, I am eager to meet all our wonderful students in the upcoming week! My own two sons will be starting at CIS in grade 7 (and the MYP), and sharing their excitement for the upcoming school year has been a full family experience.

There is a dynamic and inspirational energy that comes when students return after summer holidays ready to start another year of learning. I look forward to contributing and supporting rich and engaging learning experiences throughout the secondary IB journey to support students to unleash their full potential.

Tell us a little about your summer break.

My family and I left Morocco at the end of June, enjoyed a whirlwind trip to Spain, and then headed back home to Calgary, Alberta to visit family and friends. My eldest son completed the IBDP programme in May, so we took the time to plan for his transition to the University of Ottawa this fall. We also took time to reconnect with the beautiful Canadian scenery by spending some time in Banff and camping in the Rocky Mountains. There is something about the Albertan sunset that is restorative to my soul!

Can you share a little about your approach to education?

I believe great teaching and learning is based on a network of positive and caring relationships. These genuine and authentic relationships create safe and trusting spaces to inquire, take risks, and collaborate with one another. They also provide an environment that encourages personal and academic growth, self exploration, creative expression and high performance. Caring school communities, such as CIS, empower learners to engage and excel in their learning.

Looking ahead to the 2022-23 school year, what are your biggest goals?

I look forward to building strong relationships with all members of the CIS community - staff, parents and students - and to learn and grow alongside students and colleagues. I am also very excited to contribute to the much needed transition from strict COVID restrictions to a more holistic environment that provides students with more opportunities that encourage self-discovery and growth outside the classroom.

We’d also love to get to know a little bit more about your life beyond the classroom…

I am a big believer in the benefits of the mind-body connection. I enjoy physical activities and being in nature, hiking, scuba diving and long walks with my dog on the weekend while listening to my favourite podcasts. I also enjoy yoga, travelling, and reading.

Thank you for your time, Julie! We’re glad to have you on board at CIS.