Learning 1 Nov 2023

How we organize ourselves: Our community

By Catriona Baxter | Kindergarten teacher
Photograph by CIS Communications


At the beginning of the school year, we brought in photographs of our families. We shared our photos to get to know each other better and we thought about what is the same or what is different about our families, and how they help us at home.


Our Families

Once we had settled into school, we invited our family members into school to talk to us about the jobs that they do in the community.

For example, we learnt from Dominic’s dad all about his job as a physiotherapist. He helps people recover from injuries or illnesses through movement and exercise.


Our CIS Community

We wanted to find out who the members of our CIS school community are, so we arranged to go and ask them some questions. We were able to enquire about their jobs and how they help us at CIS. We also discussed how each person forms part of our CIS community and thought about how the school would function if we didn’t have these people in our community helping us.

The students used technology to record their knowledge so that they could revisit it again later.



We read lots of stories about people in the wider community and, through STEAM, we made our own table top ‘community’ using recycled materials that we brought in from home. The students demonstrated agency as they decided what should be included in their ‘community’ - including a hospital, a fire station and tunnels for vehicles to go through.