Sports 13 Jun 2018

GIMSports Friendship Meet

By Gym With Me
Photograph by CIS Communications

We had one last competition this season where our level 2 CIS gymnasts did us proud again! The GIMSports Friendship Meet, which took place on 26 May, saw our gymnasts beat the team in second place by only 1-tenth of a point to score 1st place again in the team event under the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics level 2 senior category.

This win capped off our gymnasts’ competitive season beautifully and the girls are glad for their well-deserved break coming up this summer!

Competing Gymnasts

  • GuanChen Jin

  • Jane Burns

  • Julia D’Avola

  • Libi Sokol

  • Minseo Kang

  • Thelma Gormand

Notable Individual Achievements (up to top 6 placings):

  • Individual All-Around

    • 2nd: Julia D’Avola

  • Vault

    • 6th: GuanChen Jin

  • Uneven Bars

    • 5th: Julia D’Avola

  • Balance Beam

    • 1st: Julia D’Avola

    • 2nd: Jane Burns

    • 5th: Minseo Kang

  • Floor Exercise

    • 1st: Julia D’Avola

    • 3rd: Minseo Kang

    • 4th: Jane Burns