Learning 13 Jun 2016

French Celebrations at TK

By CIS Communications
Photograph by CIS Communications
by Nandini Jhaveri, French Teacher, TK campus -

Students in grades JK to Grade 5 invited their parents to celebrate their French learning at TK on 24 May. The evening saw students from different grade levels expressing themselves in different settings like a museum, stage or travel agency depending on their presentation. Performances ranged from narrating a story with the help of visual aids to performing plays they had written for themselves.

The event included a wide range of acts, indeed! The students shared their learning through puppet shows, songs, talking about different habitats and ‘travelling’ around the world to francophone countries.

While students in Grade 3 walked their parents through art pieces inspired by Matisse, Picasso and Monet, students in Grade 4 discussed global warming, polluted oceans, polar bears and dolphins. Grade 5 took us on a journey through Francophone countries and spoke about sights to visit and traditional foods to taste.

Students shared the learning experience by visiting different classes and supporting their friends across the grade levels. It was truly an engaging experience for students and parents alike, and the variety of language progression activities from JK to Grade 5 impressed all.

As Victor Hugo once said: “Une pièce de théâtre, c’est quelqu’un. C’est une voix qui parle, c’est un esprit qui éclaire, c’est une conscience qui avertit”. ("A play is someone. It is a voice that speaks, it is a spirit that illuminates, it is a conscience that warns.”)