30 May 2024

Emilie takes the cake at Junior Bake Off Vlaanderen

By CIS Communications
Photograph by CIS Communications

Grade 10 student Emilie V. took Singapore’s tastebuds to Belgium and was crowned Junior Bake Off Vlaanderen champion. With her talent and passion for baking, Emilie wowed the judges with her designs and unique blend of flavours inspired by global palates.

Emilie started baking from a young age and she found joy in delighting guests with homemade treats whenever they visit. Her baking journey took a turn when she stumbled upon hyper realistic cakes on social media. This discovery ignited a newfound passion within Emilie to elevate her baking into an art form. Beyond simply focusing on taste, she creates visually pleasing, and at times, quirky creations, with a level of realism that would leave everyone in awe.

Inspired by watching a marathon of Junior Bake Off episodes, Emilie decided to take the plunge and submit an application. The selection process involved multiple rounds, including video applications, phone interviews, and on-site baking presentations. In the final round, Emilie claimed her spot on the show by baking a realistic ramen cake infused with uniquely Southeast Asian ingredients such as pandan and gula melaka. Her entry proved her skills in baking and also offered a glimpse into her life in Singapore and the multicultural experiences that shaped her baking journey.

Emilee stood out in the competition by being bold and creative. Instead of leaning towards traditional European flavours like most others, she went for more unique ones like coriander cake or black sesame cake. She says, “I also experimented with gravitational cakes and realistic cakes throughout the different episodes, while others would play it a bit safer”.

After six intensive weeks, Emilie emerged victorious and she couldn't contain her excitement: “I won! It is one of the best moments ever in my life to win Junior Bake Off Vlaanderen. Wow, I'm really happy!”

Congratulations, Emilie!