Learning 25 Feb 2016

Common Sense Media Lesson: Picture Perfect

By CIS Communications
Photograph by CIS Communications
by Timothy Studlo, Educational Technology Coach, TK Campus -

In our most recent lesson on Digital Citizenship, Natalie Frank’s Grade 4 class considered the concept of perceptions and how images online shape our self-worth. This lesson from the Common Sense Media Scope & Sequence presents students with the topic of photo editing.

Everyday we encounter images online that influence us to alter our beliefs and values. First, students were prompted with the picture of sliced lemon dyed with food colouring and were asked to determine whether it was real. Following a very intense debate, students then worked in groups to analyse two magazine covers. Students discussed how the pictures were altered and for what purpose the magazines chose to alter the pictures. Common themes that came up during discussions were: selling products, societal expectations, and reader jealousy.

EdTech-Tim1 - 1Finally, students watched The Evolution video by Dove and witnessed first-hand how powerful photo editing on a computer can be. All around this lesson presented both students and teachers with a lot to ponder the next time they see an image online. Is that picture real? Do I need to look like that? How does that picture make me feel about myself?