Learning 29 Aug 2019

Secondary on a digital diet?

By Timothy Studlo, Digital Literacy Coach (grades Pre-K to 12)
Photograph by CIS Communications

There is no better way to kick off the school year than with a balanced approach. During the first week back, the secondary students at Lakeside participated in the Digital Wellbeing Week. The Digital Literacy (DLC) team spoke with all grade levels on hot topics like digital dieting, digital detoxing, and tools to manage their personal screen-time. 

Students explored the topic of digital consumption and compared it to food consumption. Like how it’s in our best interest to make healthy eating choices, we encourage our students to do the same in their digital diet.  Users should manage their consumption and take a balanced approach to gaming, messaging, social media and watching videos. At the same time, the DLC team highlighted a new Game Jam session that will take place every Wednesday to guide students on picking up healthy gaming habits, learning design/psychology etc. They will also be provided with a healthy amount of time to play games if they desire. 

The entire student body was encouraged to download the iOS app Screen Time or the Android app Digital Wellbeing in order to monitor their own usage over the period of a week. Students and teachers will then review their personal screen time using the highlighted tools in advisory classes and set goals on how to be better balanced in their future use. 

The DLC team encourages CIS families to hold such conversations at home and set digital wellbeing goals as a family. Together, we can work towards a more balanced digital diet.