Sports 31 Jan 2023

CIS’s FOBISIA accolades

By CIS Communications
Photograph by CIS Communications

Join us in congratulating Rebecca Jenkins (grade 10), Shiqin Ong (grade 8) and Dominique Deelchand (grade 8) on their brilliant performance at the FOBISIA Gymnastics meet 2019 (a gymnastics invitational that took place at Harrow International School in Bangkok from 19 to 20 January 2019). These CIS Huskies left this international meet with the following accolades:


  • All-around Individual bronze winner in the Women Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) level 7 category
  • 3rd Vault, 1st Uneven Bar, 5th Balance Beam, 3rd Floor on the Level 7 Open apparatus


  • All-around Individual silver winner in the Women Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) level 7 category
  • 3rd Uneven Bar, 2nd Balance Beam, 4th Floor on the Level 7 Open apparatus


  • All-around Individual bronze winner in the Women Artistic Gymnastics level 6 category
  • 3rd Vault, 4th Balance Beam, 4th Floor, 3rd AA on the Level 6 apparatus


Yit Peng, a CIS parent who shared the girls’ good news, told us that she is thankful for the environment CIS has created which helped the girls become all-rounders. Yit Peng shared that “secondary students are not only encouraged to excel in their studies, they are also given many opportunities to pursue their passion; in this case, gymnastics. The girls were proud of representing CIS. They wore the Huskies jacket and donned CIS colours during the competition”.

Based on their excellent results, the girls obviously spent a lot of time training but did they run into any challenges in the lead up to the meet?

“Handling the mental aspect of a meet is always a challenge,” Rebecca told us. “I was very nervous before the event. However, with support and encouragement, I was able to push through and eventually enjoy myself. Another challenge was that the equipment we used at the meet was very different to what we were used to at The Yard (where we train), so adjustments to vault and tumbling on floor needed to be made, but podium training gave us a valuable chance to figure this out.”


The girls will go on to compete at the UWC East Dragons’ Invitational on 16 February. Although it takes place right after they return from excursion week, the girls are very excited about it. We’d also like to offer our congratulations to the other students who represented CIS at the meet:

1) Anagha Ganesh (grade 10)

2) Charley Hastie (grade 6)

3) Izabella Lehoczky (grade 4)

4) Julia D’Avola (grade 4)

5) Libi Sokol (grade 4)

6) Geethan Samrakoon (Grade 7)

Congratulations to all participants and Go Huskies!