Learning 22 May 2018

Celebrating French learning at TK

By Nandini Jhaveri, TK French Lead Teacher
Photograph by CIS Communications

Grades 1 to 6 French students from both my classes and Ms Helene Boiron-Nguyen’s classes had a chance to celebrate their learning with parents at TK on 17 May. The entertainment and how students expressed themselves that evening were diverse. We had a range of classroom setups including a museum, stage and travel agency.

There was a wide variety of student performances, which ranged from enacting a story with the help of visual aids to writing and creating their own story. The students shared the fruits of their learning through sculptures, interactive sports, poems, and even talked about different habitats and ‘travelling’ around the world.

While grade 1 students discussed the use of tools, grade 3 students walked their parents through a display of sculptures and art pieces inspired by Matisse, Picasso and Monet. On the other hand, grade 4 students discussed habitats, polluted oceans and dolphins in interesting detail. Grade 6 students took their audience on a journey through poems by Baudelaire and Victor Hugo, but went a step further to liven things up by writing and enacting their own version.

Our students thoroughly enjoyed visiting different classes to see their friends from other grade levels perform. It was an incredibly engaging experience for everyone, including the parents who had the opportunity to experience the variety of language progression activities from grade 1 to 6.