p2 project 12 Apr 2022

Capturing school life in a song

By CIS Communications
Photograph by CIS Communications

Music sometimes allows us to express our feelings better than words can. Grade 10 student Haotian W wrote and composed a song for his MYP P2 project, encapsulating his colourful CIS journey so far, and sharing what inspired his project.



Haotian shared, “The inspiration behind the song composition is my school life. In the lyrics, I quoted words from Mr Dan Smith, our secondary principal, the school mission and the IB approaches to learning. I hope the song showcases the positive characteristics of CIS and the interesting school life we have here. It also serves as a reminder of the learning attitude we should adopt, especially when the going gets tough, as we are never truly alone with the friends and teachers we have here in this tight-knit community.”

Haotian’s P2 supervisor and MYP music teacher Tom Anderson shed some light on his musical process: “The learning goal for Haotian was to use ethnic instruments from different cultures, and to create rhymes in his lyrics. Both elements should be multicultural and he achieved just that with this piece featuring a world music style.”

Haotian continued, “The skills that I have developed here in CIS have proven to go well beyond the learning credits.”

Well done, Haotian!