Student voice 14 May 2020

Becoming a primary student leader

By CIS Communications
Photograph by CIS Communications

What does it take for a primary student to become a student leader? Is it the risk-taking attitude to step out of your comfort zone, the ability to think of solutions for everyday issues, or the communication skills to collaborate and listen carefully to the perspectives of others? For the students who make up the grade 3 team of Lakeside’s primary student council, it involves all of these traits and more. 

To qualify as a member of the primary student council, the nine students had to run for an election by preparing and giving a speech. After they were elected by their peers, the students had to take on the following responsibilities. 

  • Give input

  • Plan special events or projects

  • Support their fellow students 

  • Represent the student body’s voice

  • Communicate ideas between student body and student council 

  • Increase student involvement

  • Serve as a positive role model for other students

The list of responsibilities might sound heavy for a grade 3 student but their teacher-mentor Ms Susan Liu told us that her team has been pretty enthusiastic so far. “They did a lot of things like welcoming new students in the atrium and setting up a suggestion box beside the primary student council board. On top of that, they are also preparing a short drama called “Lost and Found” to remind grade 3 students to be mindful of their belongings as well as planning an opening ceremony for our new playground.” 

Sounds like we have quite the promising team! But what inspired these students to step up in the first place? For the most part, it was their desire to help others and make the primary school a better place that inspired them to join the primary student council. Roshika for example, wanted to support students who are new to the school and may be feeling lonely due to lack of friends. 

Being first-time student leaders, however, had its challenges. They had to come up with creative solutions to everyday issues like crowding in the hallways, improve community cohesion across all grade levels, and learn how to work with one another in an effective manner. “They have worked hard on being good role models who strive to create a positive atmosphere for the entire grade. I am really proud”, Susan said.

Well done Kavinda, Valencia, Olivia, Liyao, Roshika, Catalina, Weibeau, Chang, Alice and Vanya! We can’t wait to see the exciting community initiatives you have in store for us!