Learning 5 Feb 2020

A taste of Paris in Tanjong Katong

By Virginie Roserat, TK French teacher
Photograph by CIS Communications

What better way to put your language and communication skills into action than to set up your own cafe! That’s exactly what my French grade 3 class did. They chose the name, wrote the menu and served customers all in French. The class had been learning and exploring all about food and drink as part of their current unit of inquiry (UOI) with a focus on how we keep ourselves healthy.


The students had learned an extensive vocabulary, which allowed them to express their opinion on food and drinks and reflect on how to make the right choices regarding their health. 

French-cafe-15.jpg?mtime=20200205153907#asset:37140 French-cafe-1-food-preparation-1.jpg?mtime=20200205152243#asset:37119

The grand finale to this unit culminated in the organisation of a French cafe. Paris style: we set up outside for that true Parisian ambience. The children selected a name for their cafe - Les Parisiens Invisibles, le super cafe des grades 3. They designed the menu and table mats that they would present to their customers and helped prepare the food (mastering the technique of Salades de Fruits, a fruit salad). 

They worked hard practising the phrases and repartee for their new profession as waiters/waitresses. While at the cafe, families were also encouraged to communicate in French, thanks to a translation sheet put on their table. I am glad that everyone played along and seemed to enjoy the fun. Thank you to all the parents who took time out of their working day to be our special customers at lunchtime!