Learning 14 Aug 2018

2018 IB DP results: congratulations Class of 2018

By CIS Communications
Photograph by CIS Communications

The International Baccalaureate (IB) announced its May 2018 Diploma Programme (DP) results on 5 July. Over 165,000 secondary IB Diploma students around the globe received their results, including 97 graduating students in the CIS Class of 2018.

It gives us great pleasure to now share our 2018 cohort’s IB Diploma results. Our students did remarkably well again this year and achieved an average score of 34.4 points which is well above the global average of 29.78. The CIS pass rate was 98%, much higher than the global average of 78.4% (2017 figure).

 83% of our students were above the global average, and 22.45% of our students were awarded the prestigious bilingual diploma.

 But these results are only part of our success and reason for celebration. In May 2018, the majority of our students achieved results that surpassed their predicted DP scores, and most were accepted at their university of choice. As a cohort, they received $416,000 in scholarship offers, which demonstrates that CIS graduates are highly sought after by universities around the world.

Our students’ results are a testament to their hard work and commitment over the last two years, and to the efforts of a strong and supportive teaching team. In celebrating these results, we would like to recognise and thank our parents, family members and the many teachers throughout the years at CIS who coached, supported and encouraged our graduates each step of the way. 

While our results this year are again outstanding, it is important to acknowledge that at CIS, we believe that every child has the right to graduate with an IB diploma, and our admissions policy reflects this. Our focus is always on the individual, and how we can support them to achieve their potential - that is the true value of a CIS education.

For the academic high achiever, we provide everything needed to get 38+. For the student who has a particular passion that they want to follow, we provide the guidance, opportunities and support needed to help them succeed. For students who might need a little extra help, a committed team is there to ensure they realise their success.

Our students are much more than the mere sum of their IB scores. They are emerging scientists, artists, researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs. Their time with us has been a remarkably productive and rewarding partnership. We look forward to seeing where their next set of challenges and opportunities will take them.