Sports 30 Nov 2016

11U Boys Football starts strong

By Sarah Coleman, TK PE Teacher and 11U Football Coach
Photograph by CIS Communications

On Thursday, 24 November, our Husky boys traveled to Saint Joseph's Institution International for a festival style round of football matches. As this was the first opportunity to play this season, the boys were excited to get on the pitch and show their skills and teamwork. We played 5 matches back to back with only a short break between the 10-minute games.

The boys demonstrated some good team play and moments of excellent individual flair, which helped them win their first match 4-0 against Tanglin Trust School 1. Their determination paid off as they won 1-0 against Dover Court in a back and forth match. In a tight game three, Husky boys drew 1-1 with International School Singapore. Many missed opportunities meant another draw in game four (0-0 against Tanglin Trust School 2), but the boys managed to go into their last game undefeated. Showing excellent endurance, our team pushed all the way against Avondale Grammar School and remained undefeated winning 4-2.

Well done boys! It has been a good start to the season now back to practice! Thank you Coach Gaffur from ESPZEN for getting the boys to work together and dedicate themselves to practice so quickly.