Sports 3 Dec 2018

TK season 1 success

By Fabio Davide Dogliotti, TK sports coordinator
Photograph by CIS Communications

The first sports season at TK ended. Here are our sports teams' great results.

9U boys’ soccer: Our students experienced a fabulous season as a result of improving their skills and learning challenging rules of the game. They completed the championship event by ranking within the middle range of their division.

11U boys’ & girls’ basketball: Our two basketball teams, boys and girls, had an exceptional championship day and achieved the highest ranking in their division. Congratulations to both teams and to their coaches, Ms. Sarah Cole and Mr. Jamie Yorke, for their dedication towards students.

12U girls’ badminton:  With determination and a lot of practice, the team achieved significant learning about the game and also good match results. Well done, girls!

12U girls’ netball: These girls joined a new team and welcomed this new challenge! Students demonstrated quick learning of skills and solid knowledge as they learned the rules of the game. They practised a lot and had the opportunity to put into practice what they had learned. Naturally, they never gave up during matches...because they are CIS Huskies!  

Cross country: It's always great to see our students, from the youngest to the oldest, become risk takers, strive to achieve their potential and exceed expectations. This year our students achieved an even higher number of overall points at matches than in the previous academic year.

Engaging actively in sports can generate many emotions, which can at times be challenging to describe in words. Yet it is a very rewarding experience that students will remember in future. I'm proud of all the student coaches and supervisors for making Season 1 so memorable. The second season has already begun and it looks like another exciting one to follow.  Go Huskies!