Sports 10 Dec 2018

Stellar 11U TK boys’ basketball season

By Jamie Yorke, TK PE teacher
Photograph by CIS Communications

The 11U boys’ basketball team at TK have had an amazing season. Showing consistent progress from day one, they demonstrated strong commitment - evident by their almost perfect attendance record for practices and games. They consistently practised during recess to work on their skills and were open-minded enough to try different positions. They were very eager to get the season underway and matches started.

After some collaborative planning, we decided that Sean and Luka would play centre positions. Karl, Sean, Shane, Gabriel, Joshua, and Charlie would take over the forward positions while Tobias, Zac, and Amartia were assigned to be guards. Everyone worked hard in the lead up to each match. The team were eager and competitive as they played a range of levels of competition. We played matches at CIS Lakeside, the Australian school, and St. Joseph’s.

We were not only competitive, we also finished the season with eight wins and only one loss. Although ACSIS didn’t offer competitive medals for this age group, our 11U boys were still pleased to be recognised for having finished in second place. They played selflessly and passed well all season. And, in our final game against St. Joseph’s, the team decided to make it their mission to help one of our forwards score his very first basket. The boys did everything in their power to get him the ball and into a scoring position in the final half of the game. They were thrilled when their teammate scored with moments to spare in the game.

The boys’ strong character was evident in the way they supported each other after matches. They often complimented each other (without prompting) and always applauded the player chosen for being “man of the match”. It didn’t seem to matter if the player was chosen because of their defensive efforts, late game basket, or all around great play! The team always supported one another.

Even though this season has ended, most of the same boys are now participating in 12U basketball. They are staying focused and working hard and striving for continued success. They are learning how to do layups, set plays, and execute better player coverage.

Good luck boys in season 2, and congratulations on a great season 1! Go Huskies!