Student voice 29 Jan 2019

Poems from the heart

By Divyank Sharma, grade 9
Photograph by CIS Communications

A figment of my mind

A woman’s face, nature’s own hand painted
Venus herself is gone green of envy
Thankful my heart has her face acquainted.
My soul has never got to  know such beauty
My mind is snatched of deep purpose and aim.
My heart has many unfulfilled desires.
My Love is that which time cannot help tame,
My dreams of love have started many fires.
Each soul knows someone like this is not there
Tis’ just reserved for beings fictitious
Tis’ one of Man’s most great and oft worst fears
To have a broken heart feels seditious
This woman is a figment of my mind
She is not there, there is none of her kind

A wonderful trek

The calm breeze
The beautiful green trees
This is the gift of life
With which god has gifted me
As I walk into the dark woods
Filled with peace and serenity
I am hypnotized with the race and beauty
The mesmerizing scenery which has immersed itself inside me
I see the resemblance of the balance in nature
Of how the beauty in everything is natured
This was one of my most memorable journey
And it was really wonderful that everything fell in place for me