Arts 18 Dec 2018

Grade 9 UN week design challenge

By CIS Communications
Photograph by CIS Communications

If you were at Lakeside on 22 November to watch the Parade of Nations as a parent, then you may have picked up a complimentary piece of thank you merchandise at the entrance to the gym’s viewing gallery. It was definitely a dazzling collection, and the merchandise included t-shirts, tote bags, hand flags, fans, badge pins and temporary tattoos.

But how did this initiative come about? It all began when grade 9 students wanted to show their appreciation to the parent volunteers who dedicate much of their time to ensuring events like UN week food festival run smoothly. Events like these do much more than simply showcase our school’s rich diversity, they also give students and staff members an opportunity to celebrate and understand the different cultures and nationalities at CIS.

To start the process, students consulted Ms Michelle Sharp (Head of Communications and Marketing) and Mr Raymond Babol (senior graphic and web designer) about the art of product branding. After an informative session, students went to work on their individual designs. The result? Over 200 unique designs that would represent different nationalities at CIS.

Naturally with every ambitious project, there were challenges to contend with. Time and materials were major factors but thanks to the positive feedback they received from both teachers and parents, students crossed the hurdles with aplomb. Naomi Trevatt, for one, enjoyed the activities she took part in as part of her design course and relished the new skills she acquired as a result. But at the end of the day, Naomi says it was the opportunity to incorporate the rich culture of her nationality (Brazil) in the design and learn more about her home country that made the experience unforgettable.