Learning 28 May 2018

Grade 2 and 3 TK students conquer Mathematical Kangaroo

By Kirsty Kelly, TK PYP Coordinator
Photograph by CIS Communications

Earlier this semester, 10 students from grade 2 and grade 3 from TK stepped up to take part in Kangourou sans frontiéres, an international mathematical competition with more than 70 countries participating.

A competition that originated in France, the students were tested for logic - a key competence - along with the knowledge of numbers. Working through past papers, students focused on creativity and logical thinking while developing their ability to look at problems from a different perspective.

While we are proud of all of our participating students, CIS recognises and congratulates our silver winner, Len Sakata, and our 4 bronze winners, Sharanya Seth, Taisei Mori, Kieran Tan and Arya Balwani on their performances. We look forward to welcoming new kangaroos to the team next year.