30 Nov 2019

Benefits of Muay Thai

By Elliot Chan and Emaad Alam (grade 11)
Photograph by CIS Communications

Muay Thai (also known as Thai kickboxing) is a style of kickboxing that was developed decades ago. The martial art’s main function is to utilise all aspects of the human body (apart from the head) and turn it into a weapon.

A brief history

Many people are still confused as to where the Thai form of kickboxing actually originated from. During the Sukothai era, Muay Thai was an essential part of the early Siamese population. Many training centers opened around the nation, due to the fact that there was always the pressure of war around the corner. Young men attended these training centers and they were considered the earliest Muay Thai training camps.


The martial art became popular among the lower and middle class people. However the upper class (including the sons of King Phokhun Sri In Tharatit, who was the first king of Sukothai) also picked up the martial art. Today, professional Muay Thai is popular and competitive. Many people around the world practise and watch Muay Thai as a combat sport.

The benefits

Increases physical fitness

Muay Thai helps to increase physical fitness, and keeps people in strong physical shape. Muay Thai training involves continuous cardio training, which will help to burn calories, increase stamina and improve flexibility. This is because kicking and many other techniques require the body to move and stretch in a certain way.

Relieves stress

Muay Thai can act as a form of stress relief. People tend to accumulate stress at work or school. The mental and physical exertion involved in Muay Thai allow the person to focus on themselves better.

Grade 11 student Elliot Chan, who trains at Impact MMA, said: “Starting Muay Thai was very important for me because it has definitely made me feel better both mentally and physically. Once I get to the gym, I feel less tense and more relaxed. I also feel less stressed. I started it because I wanted to pick up a new sport, and learn self defence. Ever since the first training session, I have always enjoyed putting on the wraps and gloves and striking the bag. I love practising the sport.”