Sports 19 Dec 2018

16U girls' football seals victory

By Kara Hathaway, IB MYP and DP mathematics teacher (Lakeside)
Photograph by CIS Communications

During season 1 earlier this year, the 16U girls’ football team took on GEMS Academy for their first game of the Division 1 football season. The Huskies, with a spirited effort, dominated the first half but only managed to score a single goal. In the second half, fatigue set in and the game became more evenly matched.

Leith Nagle added her second goal in the first few minutes of the second half but GEMS made things interesting by scoring soon after that. There were close calls on a few occasions but the Huskies defended their position valiantly despite having to manage both exhaustion and injuries. In the closing moments of the match, Leith added a third goal for the team and sealed their victory. Congratulations to the team on their first season 1 win.

Go Huskies!