Learning 21 May 2018

Grades 2 to 6 score big at SASMO math competition

By Mylene Marajas, grade 3 teacher (Lakeside) and Kevin Collins, grade 4 level lead (TK)
Photograph by CIS Communications

For the past three years, Lakeside primary has participated in the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO) Competition. TK primary, on the other hand, was in its second year of participation this year. The competition has been held at both campuses each year in April. Of the 143 primary students from Lakeside who competed this year, 59 earned a gold, silver or bronze medal standing. Meanwhile at the TK campus, 40 primary students competed in the competition. Of these, 18 earned a gold, silver or bronze medal standing.

Bronze award recipients placed within 20% to 40% of SASMO's top scoring. Silver award recipients placed within 12% to 20%, and gold award recipients placed within the top 8%. All medal recipients are invited to join in the Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge (SIMOC), which will be held between 6-9 July 2018 ( We congratulate all students who were risk-takers, committed learners and persistent thinkers for participating this year in the competition. You can see the full list of our award winning students at the end of this article.

SASMO was introduced in Singapore in 2006 as a mathematics competition for primary 3 to 6 students. Since then it has served Singapore’s primary, secondary and international schools; providing feedback and enrichment to schools and students. It is run as a one-round competition in April annually and has expanded into 18 countries.  

Currently, SASMO has 9 divisions from primary 2 to secondary 4 (grade 2 to 10).  SASMO caters to the top 40% of the student population and it aims to increase students’ interest in mathematical problem-solving and to develop mathematical intuition, reasoning, logical, creative and critical thinking.

In CIS primary, the competition has been open to students from grades 2 to grade 6, with each group completing specific grade-level exams. Our inquiry-based approach at CIS has helped students look at problems in different ways and we are proud to see so many of our students achieve success within the competition.

Lakeside medal winners

Gold medal recipients  

Grade 2

  • Aryan Ranawat

  • Xiyang Qiao

Grade 3

  • Hayden Rhys Liutono

Grade 4

  • Aritra Guha

Grade 5

  • Jiwook Chung

  • Yuto Matsumae

  • Haoyang (Howard) Shi

  • Lee Yong Jun

  • Tianyu Phillip Huang

  • Euihyeon Jo

  • Yekang Kim

  • Jeong Un Park

  • Ryuta Uchida

Grade 6

  • Hongbo Wang

  • Seiji Tabuchi

Silver medal recipients 

Grade 2

  • Aarush Jhanwar

  • Geng, Zhuoliang Leo

  • Zhaocheng (Zack) Ma

Grade 3

  • Senan Gurney

  • Han Seong Doh

  • Noah Gilbert

  • Luan (Billy) Binglin

  • Chenming (Mingming) Yu

  • Hosoo Lee

  • Pierre (Pin-Ruei) Chen

Grade 4

  • Arihan Mathur

  • Sahas Narale

  • Zishuo (Leo) Gong  

  • Aymeric Wielemans

Grade 5

  • Kim Jun Yeon

  • Seunggue Bae

Grade 6

  • Taiki Ambai

  • Tenor Reilly

Bronze medal recipients 

Grade 2

  • Somyaditya Chakrabarty

  • Xinyao Liu*

  • David Prampakov

  • Farhad Driver

Grade 3

  • Tanish Aswani

  • Annika Chandra

  • Guy Ten Bosch

  • Rhea Engineer

  • Seochan Hwang

  • Maya Gavankar

  • Rintaro Suzuki

Grade 4

  • Situ Yiheng

  • Siddharth Jindal

  • Sam Zijie Shao

Grade 5

  • Yoonji Lee

  • Tu Teng

  • Youyang Bao

  • Aichen Zhuang

  • Siddharth Madapura

  • Roye Ganju

  • Chanhee Kim

Grade 6

  • Botai Li

  • Qianru Zhou

  • Leah Thorpe

  • Jehaan Driver

  • Iris Chen

TK medal winners

Gold medal recipients  

Grade 4

  • Yosei Hasegawa

  • Tobias Guo

  • Tasha Puna

Grade 5

  • Sirui Wang

Grade 6

  • Yeonjun Shin

  • Ayaha Shimato

  • Yuna Mori

Silver medal recipients 

Grade 4

  • Omar Zia

Grade 5

  • Isabel Pelekani

Bronze medal recipients 

Grade 4

  • Aarav Sharma

  • Min Chan Kang*

  • Niera Paheerathan*

Grade 5

  • Wen Xuan Chen

  • Adya Gupta

Grade 6

  • Rachel Schneider

  • Emma Chow

  • Zac Puna

  • Jasmine Ng

*Absent at the time of photo-taking